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G-Stop® Vertical Gauge Extra-Large
G-Stop® Vertical Gauge XL


Used with the Densah® Bur G3 and G-Stop™ Extra-Large Key for vertical depth control with the Densah® Bur. Compatible with Extra-Large C-Guide™ for fully guided instrumentation.

Snaps on notch of bur to hold G-Stop™ Key in place.

Used for implant diameters up to 6.2mm
Compatible with Pilot Drill VPLTT and Densah® Burs VT1525, VT1828, VS2228, VT2535, VT2838, VS3238, VT3545, VT3848, VS4248, VT4555, VT4858, and VS5258

One Time Use Only

Our Price: $24.00


*Available in US Only